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Why trust someone with your technology who is not the best? You and your equipment are worth the best of Wimberley and the surrounding region. Thank you all for voting Dock Vickers Computer Services Best of Wimberley 2017! Thank you all for helping me be the one to call for computer services in this region. I only plan to continue growing. It isn’t easy being the best, but it sure is exciting much of the time.
As the largest individually-owned and operated computer lab in the Texas Hill Country region, I have developed and implemented the following best practices for my lab and for you, to insure minimal downtime, more stability of the machine and better machine maintainability after the repair. 
Here are some things some of our recent clientele are saying:

I talked with Dock today and got to thank him for saving my son’s data off his laptop that he spilled a full glass of water on. So much appreciation for the help and love that we have such stellar resources right here in our community!
~ Lauren Berzins Kelly, Dripping Springs, Tx 2017

Dock fixed my sons iPad today with a last minute appointment. In under 10 minutes he retrieved a piece of a broken headphone from the iPad jack.
~ Dawn Dski, Dripping Springs, Tx 2017

BIG YAY THANK YOU!!!! SHOUT OUT TO Dock Harrison Vickers of Dock Vickers Computer Services “Best Of Wimberley 2017” he saved all the pix and the whats app, camera plus, camera roll…that were slowly disappearing off my very wet phone. I will miss my phone…but so grateful he recovered all of that. Thank you Dock Harrison Vickers 
~ Elizabeth Lee, Wimberley, Tx 2017

Thank you, Dock Harrison Vickers! I had a laptop keyboard issue that I needed repaired ASAP. Thought I would have to take it to the big box store to get repaired but saw a post about Dock’s business and I wanted to stay local. I’m so happy that I found his business right here in Wimberley. He ordered the part and fixed my laptop so quickly and the fee was extremely reasonable. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and he lives in Wimberley. Please consider consulting with Dock the next time you have computer issues or questions. It’s great to have someone in town who can provide this service.
 ~ Jodi Reynolds Meyer, Wimberley, Tx 2017

When I went to Hawaii I expected to be in the ocean the whole time. I made it one time for about 30 minutes and didn’t have my camera. Never dreamed I’d be hanging out on a ranch with these bad-asses. I did feel like a bit of a fraud though in my green levis and vans shoes. Next time I’ll be more prepared. These photos almost didn’t come to be though if it wasn’t for the wizardry of Dock Harrison Vickers. When I got home these photos had disappeared from my computer. No idea where they were. I called Apple and they recommended a company in San Francisco but I would have been without my computer for about 10 days. I could have gone back to Hawaii to reshoot for what they wanted to charge me to find the files and have money left over. Then a few friends here in Wimberley recommended Dock so I gave him a call and two days later I had my photos back for a fraction of the price. The problem is I had resigned myself to go back and reshoot and now I don’t need to. Might need to go get some more anyway, with my boots and a backup hard drive this time. ~
Rodney Bursiel, Wimberley, Tx 2017

Dock Vickers came and very quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem that had plagued me for quite some time. Dock was punctual in his arrival, very pleasant, and obviously very computer savvy. He will be the person I will contact for any computer related issues. I strongly recommend him!
Rolando Garza, San Marcos, Tx 2017

Thanks for all you do Dock! Problems with your computer? Dock can fix it quickly!! ~
Barbara Bruce Nuric, Wimberley, Tx 2017

Thank you for quickly helping me with my urgent data recovery issue. I had been struggling for 3 days and my problem was solved with a same day appointment in 20 minutes!
Dripping Springs, Tx 2017

‘Dock Vickers’ quick, professional service got our computer systems up and running after a critical failure within hours, under budget, and with a smile AND pickup and delivery. We could not possibly have been more satisfied with his work for us.  
Dock invested himself in the Wimberley community with his whole heart, earning the townspeople’s trust and respect within a short time of moving here. His work for those suffering mortal wounds to their computers in the Memorial Day floods is the stuff of local legend.’ Tim Thompson, Wimberley, Tx 2017

‘Woohooo! I’m back on Facebook as of about 3 minutes ago, and I have three pieces of advice: 1.) NEVER lose your password, 2.) Select your 3 friends to contact if you get locked out of FB–Charlotte, Sandy and Julia saved my bacon, and 3.) If you need any sort of computer help, contact Dock Vickery in Wimberley. Dock is as nice a guy as you’ll ever find, and has helped so many folks in Wimberley recover their data after the 2015 flood. I’m feeling very thankful!’
Alice Hall, Wimberley, Tx 2017

Dock is amazing!!!! So glad we have him so close to our community.’ ~
Briar Arland, Dripping Springs, Tx 2017

‘Efficient, friendly, punctual and knows his stuff! I’m saying there is nothing worse than having computer problems (in my world since I rely upon them to make my living), but I know I don’t have to go into panic mode ever again with Dock right up the road.’
Wimberley, Tx 2017

‘Hey all I’m saying is Dock is fantastic. Super professional and a great guy. My wife’s MacBook Pro’s hard drive started going south (I’m a PC guy) and Dock got a new drive installed with current OS, data restored, and settings restored back.’ 
~ Wimberley, Tx 2016

‘If you have a computer problem or need data restored I’m saying I would recommend him 100%. 
Plus he has cool guitars on the wall  ~ Art Davis, Dripping Springs, Tx 2016

‘I am proud to say that I am the first person to put Dock on a monthly retainer. He saved me for the first time last week. The experience was so good that I asked for the regular service as my work requires a computer. I can’t afford for it to be out of service. I am highly recommending him to anyone that uses a computer, but doesn’t have the time/desire to learn the things that will make it work faster and securely.

‘My income is based on the health of my computer. It was determined that my hard drive was starting to die. Thanks to the wonderful advice of Dock Harrison Vickers, I had installed an external hard drive 2 months ago. Then he advised me on the exact new computer to buy that fit my needs without buying expensive bells and whistles. And finally, he came to the house, transferred my data, took the time to get everything in the place I wanted it…and now I’m up and running with no stress on my part. Dock will fix my old computer so I have a reliable backup. Did I mention that his prices are incredibly reasonable? Any of my friends that need computer work, call Dock Harrison Vickers Computer Services in Wimberley. Forget the Geek Squad…this guy is worth the drive!’ ~ E. Jane Wyatt Wimberley, Tx 2017

‘Dock saved my IMac! After a storm fried my computer, I was sure my hard drive was not repairable and all was lost. I found Dock through several Fb reviews and he was able to save my children’s baby pictures but more importantly my late daddy’s voicemails. He is quick, fair, and reliable! I will go to him for all my computer needs.’ ~ Juliet Enriquez Long Wimberley, Tx

‘Knows more than he has ever forgotten.
Recommended by other computer services that can’t get the job done.’ ~
Bob Lunny Wimberley, Tx 2017

‘The big cable company is taking forever to juice up my business. I called Dock to help me set up a wireless network sans land lines. He really knows his stuff. Fast, friendly, committed to excellence. A real class act!’ ~ Jay Bachman Wimberley, Tx 2016

‘Dock is the most knowledgeable repair guy I have ever seen, you can depend on his fixing your computer at a reasonable cost.’Stan Starrett, Wimberley, Tx 2016

‘Dock saved my day/week with his magic fingers and know-how! 6 year old MacBook Pro up and running after a crash last night! Answered my message, last night at 9:30 pm and told to bring over in the morning. Back at work by 10 a.m.!! So nice to have someone local to Wimberley!!’ ~ Wimberley, Tx 2016

‘Dock Harrison Vickers is the best computer repair person I have ever used in my over 30 years of working with P.C.’s.

A couple of years ago, he repaired a really old tower with a huge monitor that 3 other people said was not fixable.  It took him 20 minutes and he had it running and even gave me a flat monitor and new keyboard.

He also keeps my business and home computers in top shape.

I highly recommend him.’Nancy Adams, Wimberley, Tx 2017

‘Great service! I was ready to toss my laptop and buy a new one. Dock was fast and brought it back to life. Thank you Dock!’ ~ Dripping Springs, Tx 2017

Dock did a great job for me ! Quick, efficient, expert and very reasonable. I can recommend him without reservation.’ ~ Wimberley, Tx

‘No need to drive to all the way into Austin which is what we did the last time we have a power surge.’ ~ Driftwood, Tx 2017

‘Prompt service. Got everything back up & running fast.’ ~ Wimberley, Tx 2016

‘This man literally SAVED our memories. Our Mac book air, under water for 4 hours at least, packed with mud and debris… One of the only things magically still in our home after the flood. Pictures, files, memories.. Saved. Thank you!!!!!!!!’  ~ Flood Survivor, MacBook Air Notebook Computer, Wimberley, Tx 2015