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Texas Hill Country Innovations

New Products!

This page is dedicated to our Texas Hill Country community of inventors. During my career I have had the honor of working with a few different inventors of products ranging from dairy control equipment to solar powered lighting products to the harnessing of renewable energy.

If you are a local inventor with a fully patent-protected product that has just emerged in the markets, please feel free to contact me about a back-link arrangement for added exposure and advertising. I look forward to hearing from you. ~ Dock 512.648.1506

Personal Solar Light™ (PSL™)

The first product is the Personal Solar Light™. It is available locally and online.

The PSL™ offers you hours of bright beautiful light, extreme durability, no-hassle solar recharging, patented light control, and waterproof construction via an all-in-one portable easy-to-use device.

I have owned mine for more than 1 year and have never connected it to the USB recharge cable. It maintains a full charge just sitting on my workbench, charging through the amorphous solar cell. It is water resistant and will work even after immersion. You can buy it here! Personal Solar Light (PSL)

Personal Solar Light

Industrial Andons, LLC

Bob Wilson, the founder of Industrial Andons, LLC, has an extensive background in a variety of industries from automotive to high tech. He has worked at both Toyota’s and Ford’s top plants in the world. He was certified as a Quality Circle Leader Instructor and Practical Problem Solving Instructor at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky. He also became a certified Six Sigma Black Belt while working for Ford Motor Company. He has also worked in small and medium manufacturing as a lean manufacturing consultant. Bob Wilson regularly trains and facilitates shop floor, engineering and business process kaizen events.

‘What is 1 hour of production time worth? What is the duration and number of occurances that keep you from reaching your productivity goals every shift? Do you have a way to keep your Team Members on the line working to and quickly deploy support staff? Do you have a record of your downtime three causes deep that you can easily look up on the web at anytime? Can you open a web page and see the status of every light on every line of every facility?’

See more now: Industrial Andons

Industrial Andons