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What is Laura’s Hope?

We had no idea that we were on final approach. We thought we were bullet-proof. Because of that we lived every day with each other at full-throttle. The true gift is that even knowing the outcome, I would do it all again and wouldn’t change a thing about the life Laura and I had together.

The short story behind Laura’s Hope:

I do not own any rights to ‘Angel’ nor did I have any role in the creation of the song. Written by Jimi Hendrix in early 1968 (I was 4 years old), the lyrics to this song, in the Jeff Healey arrangement seem to seem to chronicle events occurring in my life from October 28, 2015 to now and ongoing.

Computer repairman restoring memories after Hurricane Harvey

After Wimberley flooded in 2015, a man stepped up to help in a different way.He's now offering his services free of charge to those who were hit by Hurricane Harvey or Irma. Lauren Lanmon KXAN has Dock's story on how he's restoring memories:

Posted by KXAN News on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What is Laura’s Hope?

I want to introduce everyone to something which has captured a large piece of my heart and soul. Laura’s Hope began after the 2015 Memorial Day floods in Wimberley and the surrounding area. This effort exists to return memories and information to disaster survivors, families in crisis, bereaved family members and many others who are in need of hope and comfort worldwide. When computers are found after a natural disaster or life-changing event, I will attempt to recover the data free of charge.

Other services include:
Free replacement laptops as long as there are generous donors, such as I have witnessed over the last several months.

If you are in need of these services or a laptop, please contact Dock Harrison Vickers at 512.648.1506.

I want to talk about where this was born.
September 16, 2014 Laura Vickers, who was the love of my life at that time, passed away following surgery to correct and embolize an AVM. I was devastated. I did not want to let Laura’s memory fade away. Each computer is named ‘Hope’. Laura loved helping people. She loved to reassure and bring hope.

When the Memorial Day floods hit, I wanted to help. But I knew there were already too many people on the scene and it was very chaotic in the beginning. I felt that the best thing for me to do was to not be one more person getting in the way.
I knew that more and more people are storing personal and business information on their computer. So I began to offer free data recovery. To date I have attempted almost 600 recoveries and more than 500 have been successful.

Helping in this way has allowed me to honor Laura’s memory and the way she lived her life. I am living on a beautiful hilltop in Wimberley, and celebrating the opening of the largest individually owned and operated computer lab in the Wimberley Valley. I packed Laura into my heart and brought her home.

October 30, 2015 the Hill Country received a round of severe storms and torrential rains. Many homes and people have been affected by this. I will continue to offer these services as long as people continue to call. I want help in spreading the word worldwide.

So many of these have been successful, and I cannot explain why, except that I know there is an angel on my shoulder. I feel her there every day. This is Laura’s gift to every one of you who need it. ~ Dock 512.648.1506

What if I have a computer, hard drive, flash drive, phone or tablet that was affected by natural disaster or fire?

  1. Call any time day or night 512.648 1506.
  2. Immediately remove power and all sources of power. (Cords, chargers, batteries, etc.) if possible. Do NOT attempt to power up the device, even after drying with rice or other desiccants. The device will need to be disassembled and dried from the inside out. Even condensation can cause permanent failure in a phone or tablet. Desiccants will NOT dry the innermost components.
  3. Do NOT attempt to clean mud, debris, etc. from any component.Only for items affected by salt water: time is critical. Seal hard drive, flash drive, phone or tablet in a bag of fresh water and send immediately for data recovery.
  4. Include your name and all WORKING phone numbers.
  5. Please include a large enough external drive to hold all of the recovered files.


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