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It’s about more than working on just one brand. It’s even about more than just working on computers. It’s about having a knack for knowing how every technology works, and being able to diagnose and repair it. I’m this Dock, I’m not that other Doc! I work Nationwide and internationally!

Call today for a free crash recovery pre-planning session! ~ 512.648.1506
Why trust someone with your technology who is not the best? You and your equipment are worth the best of Wimberley and the surrounding region. Thank you all for voting Dock Vickers Computer Services Best of Wimberley 2017! Thank you all for helping me be the one to call for computer services in this region. I only plan to continue growing. It isn’t easy being the best, but it sure is exciting much of the time.
As the largest individually-owned and operated computer lab in the Texas Hill Country region, I have developed and implemented the following best practices for my lab and for you, to insure minimal downtime, more stability of the machine and better machine maintainability after the repair.
Do you need to retrieve deleted files on a computer, tablet or phone? (any make, model or operating system)? I am the only person in your neighborhood who can remove a solid state hard drive from a failed machine and recover the files from an external dock! So you can either send it to Austin or California for a minimum of $700.00 or use this local boy for half that. And I am the only one who does not use a destructive method. All file structures stay intact.

Does your business need from 1 to 10 computers set up and configured? Send them to me. I am behind three hardware firewalls. I have the lab capacity to perform work on up to 15 machines at one time. It is the largest lab of its kind that is individually owned and operated by one person.

Do you need remote computer help?
Would you like to bring your system for an extensive health/virus check and update or upgrade?

Do you need to separate email, social media logins or other shared technical assets after terminating a business or personal relationship?

I specialize in all of the above. I work very discreetly. My location is secluded, private, and peaceful. Parking is not visible from the street.
I work on all makes and models; Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Surface, etc. Please visit my website to see what my valued clientele are saying about my work. I service all makes and models. I look forward to hearing from you soon. ~ Dock 512.648.1506

Based in beautiful Wimberley Tx, I have the largest individually-owned and operated computer lab in the region. Not to mention a breath-taking view of the Wimberley Valley.

Whether it is set-up of a new computer, computer repair, upgrades or a tailored Dock Harrison Vickers data recovery, you can count on me to maintain security, propriety and quality.

Click this link only if you are on the phone with me and I have directed you to do so. I can access your machine if you click this link.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. ~ Dock 512.648.1506

Remote Support

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Separation of Technical Assets

It is not uncommon anymore for personal and/or business relationships to be terminated. Most of the time this means separating intermingled technology, email accounts, social media, etc. I specialize in helping separate all of these things and assisting all parties involved with setting it all up under their own, separate names. I work discretely. I work both amicable and contested situations.

Monthly Service Plans

If you need for me to pick your system up for repairs, data recovery, etc. give me a call. I will pick up from you if you are within 5 miles of the Wimberley town center. In most cases I can have it back to you by the next day.

If you need ongoing monthly remote support, monthly remote and onsite support or priority response on a regular basis please see my service plans below.


Monthly Support Plans

Monthly Support Plans

Broken Phone or Tablet? Call iSmashed!

For smartphone or tablet repairs, iSmashed is your only local solution! Their specialists are trained in glass repair in addition to other common handheld device problems, such as battery issues, home button malfunctions, and water damage. Take your shattered screen in today, and leave with a clear view back into your digital world.

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